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New system of Guild Chat - Guild House - Example.
ClessehahDate: Sunday, 2013-10-13, 9:26 PM | Message # 31
Group: Guests

Добрый день.
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Всего доброго.
KeepaYretDate: Thursday, 2013-10-17, 5:28 PM | Message # 32
Group: Guests

As friends live?
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Good luck
KeepaYretDate: Wednesday, 2013-10-23, 4:14 PM | Message # 33
Group: Guests

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KeepaYretDate: Monday, 2013-10-28, 1:19 PM | Message # 34
Group: Guests

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See you soon
NeraxareDate: Monday, 2013-11-04, 2:10 AM | Message # 35
Group: Guests

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KeepaYretDate: Monday, 2013-11-04, 5:19 PM | Message # 36
Group: Guests

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See you soon
KeepaYretDate: Sunday, 2013-11-10, 5:43 PM | Message # 37
Group: Guests

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Good luck
KeepaYretDate: Wednesday, 2013-11-13, 5:48 PM | Message # 38
Group: Guests

Good evening
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See you later
HabssteeCeHawDate: Saturday, 2013-11-16, 1:36 PM | Message # 39
Group: Guests

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Added (2013-11-16, 1:36 PM)
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TraunninoDate: Monday, 2013-11-18, 11:50 PM | Message # 40
Group: Guests

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We will not miss you
TraunninoDate: Wednesday, 2013-11-20, 2:22 PM | Message # 41
Group: Guests

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Total good
innobsyncDate: Sunday, 2013-11-24, 3:45 AM | Message # 42
Group: Guests

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Added (2013-11-24, 3:45 AM)
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AffelpAmbitteDate: Sunday, 2014-10-19, 12:19 PM | Message # 43
Group: Guests

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pacdffgsvdrkfvDate: Sunday, 2014-10-26, 9:06 AM | Message # 44
Group: Guests

<a href="">xunjie</a> <a href=>xunjie</a>
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pacdffgsvdrhcvDate: Thursday, 2014-10-30, 9:09 AM | Message # 45
Group: Guests

<a href="">xunjie</a> <a href=>xunjie</a>
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