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Rules for Guild Bank:

No food and drink((If they add +stats you can put them in bank))

No useless((grey)) and no bad((less than 20 level)) items in guild bank.((Not include recipes)).

If you take items or loan from guild,you must return loan,or other items which costs like ones that you take.


Items from Elite Vault can withdrew only Parliament Members.If you want item from that  Vault,ask Parliament Member or Sugutor.


To ask for withdrew items from Elite Vault you need to be at least 10 days in guild.

Rules About Promotion:

You can be promoted only 1 time for a week,in our weekly meeting.

Speed of promotion depend on your warnings-if you got none,it will be fast.If you got 1 or 2-will be much slower.

Also,your promotion depend on your behavior and loyality.

How to get Ranks:

Civilian-First rank.CIvilians can`t do nothing-they are just recruits.

Guards-This is more expirienced rank.Guards are more stroger than Civilians,and they must have at least 2 patrolls and 1 training to be promoted.

Soldier-The main rank.Soldiers are fighters.To be promoted to soldier,need 4 patrolls,2 trainings and 1 raid.Also,Soldierscan use bank.

Leuitenant-Officers in Our ranks.They can use officer chat,Also have more rules in bank.They must be trusted by others...need 6 patrolls,4 trainings and 3 raids.

Captains-More Trusted Ranks in our Noble Order.You need to be fellow and trusted member,and stay in guild for a month,at least.Can be choosen only by Parliaments.

Knights-The Highest non-Parliament rank.Knights are the most expirienced and trusted Templars.They got a lot of rules,but they need to be in guild for at least 2 months.

Parliaments ranks-need to ask Parliaments leaders.


How you can join to guild:


You must be at least 20 level.You must succesfull pass my intewiev((RP story and some others questions..)).

((Some more i`ll add soon.))


For which actions you can be kicked from guild:

1.Talking OOC in guid chat.

2.Be rude to others.

3.Ignore someone.

4.USe smiles and others.

5.Putting trash((grey or items below 10 level)) in bank.

6.Taking money/items from guild bank without returning other items/money same price as which you taken.

((You got warning for each point of this,after 3 warnings-demote.After one demote-bann from guild.))


Our Guild Agitate letter:


People of Azeroth!We are proud to announce that the Holy Templars are now recruiting at YOUR city.WE need seasoned adventurers  in OUR Crusade!We appreciate any specialities,and everyone who signs in will get lots of advantages,such as:

-Rich Supplies for everyone!Our bank has a lot of supllies! A lot of things for different tastes!

-Trainings! We always want our soldiers to live as long as possible, so we train as often as possible.

-The Holy Templars will never fall! If you wish for the Holy Light to win, you join us! We are one of few orders who are really fighting against all evil and dark forces. No time for hesistating, the only option is to fight!

-We also do patrols and raids! We will not let anyone bring war to our lands, and suffering to our people!

-And last but not least-once you have joined us, you'll never be alone-our officers are always ready to give you a helping hand!



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