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Guild Forum » Public Section » Public Discussion » not sure where Yume nikki (small talk about an strange game called Yume nikki.)
not sure where Yume nikki
sailaDate: Sunday, 2013-06-09, 3:00 AM | Message # 1
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Well what is it to say about the game.
Just an warning the game is not for everyone and the game is darn depressing and or major mind screw.

The game is interesting in that there isn't that mush plot/story going on in fact its next to none, you have your objective collecting 24 effects and an short how to play the game at the start after that there is no dialogue at all after that in the game.

You play as Madotsuki (Window) and whit her explore her dream-world, there is an few thing to know when you play the game the environment are to say the least Chaotic and illogical in there design.
there are no enemy so to speak of, dont be fooled by the Knife that is one of the effect it will ether kill or anger what ever it is you meet, Madotsuki herself can not be killed or harmed only captured and teleported to an inescapable room if you do find yourself there wake up by pressing (5) remember Madotsuki need booth arms and head to do that.

another thing is the random chance events happens an Famous and almost iconic event the Uboa event have 1/64 of happening every time one enter said room.

as I said erlyer there is no story and no plot and even less explanation of what's going on what you see and what you will experience.
The Player themselves have analyse events and scenes and intimate if anything have any deeper meaning of what it could be.
Another famous even the Toriningen (Bird-human) Party.
is another interesting even, what it is.
Well The player will during travels in one of the worlds an word that looks like an dessert whit wines grooving from the ground.
the Player will hear music happy up beat music and as I myself have seen from several Letsplayers Thrown caution to the wind and Run towards it.
as they do the music grows louder telling the player they are geting closer and closer untill they see the source.
An picnic the player will try to move closer but will find its patch blocked by wines One can try and many have tried to cut down the wines whit the Knife unsuccessful.
Now dose it means that Madotsuki is an social exclusion or something else.
The only thing I can actually tell is that the ending is incredibly sad yet in the same time having an minor detail that might indicate something else.
Note if you do play take an look in the \Music folder and on the .wav file ignore the .midi files they are all stock file from the engine.
they are 1 to 15 seconds loop.
the game also isn't that big about 50Mbit if I remember correctly.

Oh befoe I forget its not an JRPG or an RPG for that part and its not really an horror game but I can understand if someone would put it there.
its more of an Surreal explorer game and even that Am not to sure of.
If you got any question about the game or anything ask/talk away.
download link can be found from (.rar file)
and usually from anywhere on goggle note version should be V 0.10 Just note that there are two version Japanese and English translation.

oh here are two of the music tracks.
BGM_016.wav - Toriningen Party

BGM_010.wav - Requiem End Credits

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Guild Forum » Public Section » Public Discussion » not sure where Yume nikki (small talk about an strange game called Yume nikki.)
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