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Tuesday, 2019-05-21, 6:01 PM

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Hello Vanguard of Vigilance members,

Following problems with our old site, we're moving back to humble beginnings, which mostly mean that my monthly budgets are spared a little more.

I've made a few changes, and expect to make a few more as days go by. Still looking for a good screenshot to become the new banner, by the way.

Follow the old instructions with regards to being approved, or just anyone of Seneschal rank, they can all move you to proper groups. As you enter the site, you'll notice many posts two years or older. Try to respect the age of this guild, and feel free to browse, just don't heat up old arguments again!

More news will come over time. For now, we've got a forum again.
Views: 5570 | Added by: Terrafros | Date: 2012-10-14 | Comments (2)

To all visitors, or Templars going to register their accounts - Hello, and welcome to our site!

This site, besides holding important announcements, also holds an active forum community where about everything is discussed.

You can find the forums here:

To avoid visitors spying along, we have restricted access to visitors to the more private forums. However, should you be a Templar wanting to join in on the forums, please create an account, post in the validation boards, and wait for someone to move you from Validating to Imperial Templar. 

P.S.: Should you be really impatient, just poke me ingame and I'll move you by default.

For those visiting the site and wondering how to join the Holy Templars, this thread will help you along:  ... Read more »
Views: 35702 | Added by: Terrafros | Date: 2009-10-02 | Comments (2)

Welcome Templars, to our site. Congratulations all with the creation of the Holy Templars. I hope you will visit this website quite often. Stay strong, and have faith in the Light.


- Sugutor
Views: 6910 | Added by: Sugutor | Date: 2008-10-19 | Comments (1)

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